Tucker Avery is one of the main characters in the Unearthly series. He's one of Clara's love interests, and is also human. In Boundless, he dies, but Clara saves him and becomes a prophet.


Tucker is described having a cowboy appearance, with blonde hair and blue eyes. 


A softie who hides behind a 'jerk' facade when hurt and to keep people at a distance. (Described in Boundless)


A Californian once bought his grandfather's field and never took care of it. There for, he decided to never like anyone from California.

The SeriesEdit

Unearthly: Edit

He meets Clara in Unearthly. He acted as if he had not liked Clara, but Wendy tells Clara that he likes her. Over Summer break, Wendy had asked Tucker to be Clara's birthday gift since she was not with her during Summer. they become close and eventually start dating.

Hallowed: Edit

They get closer and almost have sex. He finds out that Christian kissed her and freaks out

Boundless: Edit

They are broken up but soon get back together. He is killed but she brings him back to life. He ends up marrying Clara in the end.

Tucker remains in Jackson, Wyoming while Clara attends Stanford. While Clara tried to teleport back to Stanford during a training session with her father Michael she accidently sends herself to Tucker's farm. He sees her and asks her why she is there and brushes off her explanation and says her 'glory' makes him feel sick.


Clara Gardner (Love of his life)Edit

Wendy Avery (Sister)

his horse and car (Midas (thought to be extinct) and bluebell (BURNED BECAUSE OF JEFFERY))



  • His horse's name is Midas.
  • He is a good fisherman.