Triplare angels are the offspring of a Dimidius and a full-blooded Angel.

Known AbilitiesEdit

Triplare have the same abilities as a Dimidius or a Quarterius. They are extremely intelligent, and are able to speak and understand any language and are even able to communicate with animals. They are also able to excel in any physical activity they try, and are faster, stronger, and more agile than humans. They, of course can summon their wings and fly, as well as use glory and can cross. They are also never able to get sick, and can heal from wounds within the span of a few minutes to a few hours. They can also heal others. It's also very likely that they are more powerful than a Dimidius or a Quarterius because they are more angel than human.

History Edit

Not much is known about Triplare. But it is known that Triplare are very rare, and there are only ever seven Triplare in existence at a time. They are also very sought after by black-winged (fallen) angels because they are very powerful compared to other angel-bloods.

Known TriplareEdit