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=Physical AppearanceEdit

Angela is a goth-like girl and she is very pretty. She has black hair and luminous golden eyes. She is quite skinny and dresses nice.


Angela is a very smart girl who gives Clara her information about angels and Black Wings. She is goth-like and sometimes jealous of Clara based on the fact the Clara can do things she can't do like call on the glory, communicate in minds, has special abilities, etc. Angela does love that she is a Dimidius and they are Quartarious, or so she thought.

The SeriesEdit


In unearthly, Clara meets Angela and finds out she is an angel-blood. They become best friends. Angela is the one who gives Clara all the information about Black Wings, Angels, etc. Angela is a smart girl who finds most of her research in Italy.




in Boundless, Angela goes to Stanford with Clara and Christian. While there, she finds out that she is pregnant and drops out of school after she tells Phen and he bails on her. She goes back to Jackson with her mom. Then, Asael finds her and wants her baby. She has hidden him where Clara finds him. Asael takes her to hell and makes her believe she is a horrible person but Clara helps her and convinces her she is a good person. She is taken out of hell by Clara and Christian and is able to live a happy life with her son, Web (short for Webster).